Alexandra Pryadko
Hi everyone, I'm Alexandra Pryadko from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon

Chriztoffer Hansen_821
🇷🇸 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 ... Flag emoji does not work :|

Blake Willis
always love the weddingtrash cartoons

Jelte Jansen
is it me or does that slide background color not play well with the video codec

Kurt Kayser
@Jelte: true, there is some color fade effect that does not transfer well.

Rob Evans
NCC slides do seem to be requiring a higher bandwidth from when I've noticed it.

Andreas Härpfer
Yep, just-white backgrounds only required about half the bandwidth

Sandoche Balakrichenan
Just a reminder, if asking questions make sure to state NAME and AFFILIATION. Try to send your questions as soon as the Q&A session for a presentation starts
Use the Q&A Window

Michael Richardson
I think that the "we need 5G" is usually heard from owners of towers.

Jelte Jansen

Kurt Kayser
General remark to PC: the Q&A time after each presentation is too short. Many questions had to be skipped.

Harry Cross
It also feels like there are a lot of issues with each presenter getting themselves setup and ready

Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob_327
+1 kurt

Eric van Uden
Peter has left the Building

Blake Willis
Kurt I think that's a result of the 15-mn pee-break slot inserted between WG sessions

Jelte Jansen
despite every speaker having had the change to test it out before the meeting (and afaik the majority of them did, including peter)

Brian Nisbet
Please note, Kurt, the PC is only responsible for the plenary, the Working Group Chairs sort out their own agendas. And 45m, then with a break seems to be the optimal average concentration time.

Blake Willis
sounds like we need 45nm for talks, 15mn for questions, & 15mn for pee-break

Simon Leinen
To Kurt & Blake: We're supposed to be able to grab the speakers in the after the session. There's a special room for that (Speakers Room)

Brian Nisbet
Blake, which introduces all sorts of other problems. The feedback we got from 80 was that people really liked the "starts on the hour" regularity. But there will be lots of opportunity for feedback from this meeting as well!

Blake Willis
yep, I'd agree with that, you're never going to be able to please everyone
maybe 40/10/10... I'll comment more on feedback forms instead of chat

Eliot Lear
I'll be in spacial chat after this

Kurt Kayser
I just feel, that a lot of ideas a feedback is being lost to try to "stay on time". I strongly believe that during RIPE meeting there are very valuable inputs - and here we lose them, due to a 15min break?

Michael Richardson
72% do not provide CPE. That's really surprising. I wonder how answered are not in the residential business?

Jelte Jansen
i think the balance for the plenary was fine, but should probably be different for wg's

Marco d'Itri
in Italy ISPs are forbidden to force customers to rent a CPE (because the big ones started to use that as a way to illegally force longer contracts)

Kurt Kayser
@Jelte: this is true. A WG should be way more interactive between participants (IMHO)

Jelte Jansen
yeah in retrospect these questions need an 'n/a not in residential business' answer

Christopher Bellman
I may have missed it -- is this document currently available, or is it a WIP?

Jelte Jansen
a draft has been sent to the iot-wg mailing list

Eric van Uden
@Marco, It´s not only Italy, but aswell Germany and probably the Netherlands

Jelte Jansen…ves/iot-wg/2020-October/000537.html

Eric van Uden
BEREC Guidlines

Christopher Bellman
@Jelte Thanks

Michael Richardson
Posted to the list last week:…ves/iot-wg/2020-October/000537.html

Kaveh Ranjbar
Fully agree @kurt, as a partial solution there is a Speakers Room on the spatialchat which can be utilised to continue some of the conversation.

Michael Richardson
I can't imagine DOCSIS 3.1 says anything, but I am ignorant.

Alexandra Pryadko
Please, when submitting questions, specify your name and affiliation. Thank you!

Ray Bellis
xDSL vs DOCSIS world - BYOCPE more common with xDSL, IMHO.

Mick O'Donovan
Yes in our case (as2110) CPE for consumers is not with us
it's the responsibility of our wholesale customer base
so hence not relevant

Alex Le Heux
for our FTTH we provide the ONT, but the user can use their own router. around 50% do vs using the one we offer.

Aidan Robertson

Eric van Uden
We will have an eye on the document (As CPE Manufactor)

Aidan Robertson
Alex Le Heux - I'm starting a fiber service in OC, Cali. That seems to be the usual dynamic for FTTH services

Jelte Jansen
Good to know, Eric, thanks

Aidan Robertson
@Marco d'Itri - wish these kind of rules existed against US ISPs....
They can pretty much get away with anything and everything they want over here

Eric van Uden
@Jelte, I hope we are not only one. This can only a succes when more vendors are following this topic

Jelte Jansen

Peter Steinhäuser_828
@Eric, I think "standardisation by implementation" might be a route to go. That's why we mentioned an OpenWrt reference implementation.

Phil Stanhope
i believe by this time next year there will be numerous vendors doing things in this space -- but not necessarily driven by ISP or standards (beyond leveraging things like OpenWRT)

Eric van Uden
Yes, but there are a lot of vendors not using OpenWrt

Kurt Kayser

Phil Stanhope
agreed. It's not the only way (OpenWRT). It's a good example though

Ramses Rodenburg

Jelte Jansen
thank you!

Eric van Uden
Thanks for the presentations

Phil Stanhope
thank you

Alexandra Pryadko
This session has now ended. The next session is Open Source and it will start at 15:00 CET. More info on the RIPE 81 meeting plan: /programme/meeting-plan/