Alena Muravska
Hi everyone, I’m Alena Muravska from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the EB members and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Peter Koch
the microphone is wearing a mask, apparently

Hervé Clement

Peter Koch
you're ahead of schedule!

Remco van Mook
We have to make up for the lag of the webcast :)

Ondrej Filip
Thank you, Remco.

Remco van Mook
not everyone at the same time please :)

Denesh Bhabuta
I'm typing one now :)
My 9 years old laughed at the elevator one.. she loved it.

Daniel Karrenberg_934
I just come from the pool. Lots of Germans hang around there.
I am told there was a hotel room as well, but it did not survive ...

Hans Petter Holen
if you feel lonely after the RIPE meeting, ENOG 17 is 9-13 November

Piotr Strzyżewski
Already registered! :)

Sebastian Becker
DENOG is from the 8.11. - 10.11.

Daniel Karrenberg_934
I use a bluetooth headset so I can move to the kitchen and to the smallest room during meetings. Just have to mute whan I flush ;-) .
I also have a zoom room that I keep running whenever I am available, so people can drop in informally. It works for some, not all. This spacial chat thing looks promising.

Hervé Clement
Thanks all for your answers

Hans Petter Holen
Just discovered that you can search for a person i Spatial Chat, and click on the name to get close to the person

Dmitry Kohmanyuk
spatial chat works but it would of course conflict with your meetecho session
you need two computers :)

Nadira Al Araj
So true some organizations banned personal meeting to work related discussions

Hans Petter Holen
I run both on the same computer. You can mute tabs individually

Denesh Bhabuta
Thank you for the answers... helps me with the things I have been thinking about with the meetings I organise.

Hans Petter Holen
When it will happen, I think hybrid is a key element.

Jan Zorz
shouldn't this be a mingling/social event and not an interrogation? GM is tomorrow :)

Denesh Bhabuta
@Hans Petter - hybrid is what I am investigating for 2021 - those who can attend physically will and those whocan;t / don't want to can participate in an interactive manner.

Daniel Karrenberg_934
don't worry about answering my question, this is a social chat, right? i tried to instigate some discussion.

Hans Petter Holen
Trick is to make sure remote participants are treated equally.

Andreas Wittkemper
If you can not attend physically this kind of format is perfect for attending remotely

Hans Petter Holen
I am taking notes, Daniel.

Rob Evans
You know what pride comes before, Daniel? :)

Daniel Karrenberg_934
@rob: I do, but I wanted to add a lighter note to this heavy thing. Too clumsy I guess.

Niall O'Reilly
Same thanks from the RIPE Chair Team!

Rob Evans
[And my reply is in a similar manner!]

Daniel Karrenberg_934
[[Of course!!! Fully grok that]]

Aaron Hughes
Well said Remco

Daniel Karrenberg_934
><><><><><>< to remco

Nadira Al Araj
Even we don't shake hands these days

Ondrej Filip

Denesh Bhabuta
We will all meet one day x

Florian Hibler
Indeed Denesh ;)

Daniel Karrenberg_934
We'll meet again ... dont'know where, don't now when ...

Denesh Bhabuta
I miss being on a plane!

Remco van Mook
I mostly miss getting off a plane, being on one not so much :)

Leo Vegoda
@denesh Really?

Denesh Bhabuta
Agreed, Maria *clap clap RIPE NCC*