Address Policy Working Group Agenda

Wednesday, 28 October 10:00 - 10:45 (UTC+1)

Chaired By: Erik Bais, Gert Doering
A. Administrative Matters
Welcome, thanking the scribe, approving the minutes, etc.
B. Current Policy Topics
Petrit Hasani, PDO, RIPE NCC
  • Global policy overview "What's going on?"
  • Common policy topics in all regions (end of IPv4, transfers, ...)
  • Overview of concluded proposals in the RIPE region since RIPE 80
  • Brief overview of new proposals (if any)
C. Feedback from the RIPE NCC Registry Services (and a group discussion)
Nikolas Pediaditis
D. The Seizure of the “Right to Registration of IPv4 Addresses”
Ciaran Byrne, Legal Counsel, RIPE NCC