Alastair Strachan
Hi everyone, I'm Alastair Strachan from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Raymond Jetten
yes we can

Sebastian Becker
We can hear you.

Hervé Clement
Good morning

Ron da Silva
good morning!

Ahmer Baig
Good morning everyone!

Raymond Jetten
11-1145 works in my timezone :)

Christian Adler
Good morning

Elvis Velea
darn, meetecho crashes again :(

Alastair Strachan
working ok for me
is anyone else having issues?

Clément Cavadore
still working (yesterday it was unusable for me)

Daniel Karrenberg

Elvis Velea
yeah, for me too.. just that from time to time audio starts breaking up and then eventually meetecho refreshes with an error page

Marita Phelan
James isn't that old... :D

James Kennedy

Elvis Velea
can barely hear you erik

Marita Phelan
Morning James :)

Sebastian Wiesinger
Erik is very quiet

James Kennedy
lol Marita

Daniel Karrenberg
yes officer!

Andreas Wittkemper_177
promotion ?

Hervé Clement
hey James !

James Kennedy
Morning Hervé!

Marco Paesani

Brian Nisbet
Yay for more firsts coming out of AA-WG... :)

Erik Bais
Elvis, probably due to the Bose headphone. I'll see if it works better without.

Elvis Velea
Erik yup, probably.
morning Herve

Hervé Clement
morning Elvis

Marco Schmidt

Hervé Clement
Welcome Angela

Sebastian Wiesinger

Mirjam Kühne
Many Thanks, Petrit and welcome Angela :-)

Leo Vegoda
Welcome, Angela!

Marita Phelan
Congrats Angela. :)

Melchior Aelmans
Thanks for your help Petrit!! And good luck Angela!!

Wessel Sandkuijl
Thanks a lot Petrit!

A.J. Wolski
yey congrats Angela!!

Felipe Victolla Silveira

Hervé Clement
Thanks Petrit as well :)

Nathalie Trenaman
clap clap!

James Kennedy
Thanks Petrit, congrats Angela!

Elvis Velea
great presentation Petrit

Rob Evans…proposals/archive-policy-proposals/

Daniel Karrenberg
there are none

Rob Evans
"Outcome of the Appeal: October 26, 2020 - The WG Chairs Collective (WGCC) decided to uphold the decision of the Co-Chairs of the Anti-Abuse Working Group.…y-announce/2020-October/000571.html

Bengt Gördén
I cant see the slides from Nikolas
I can now

Elvis Velea
the platform is worse than yesterday

Sergey Myasoedov_852
Elvis, why?

Nathalie Trenaman
not here, you're not using safari right?

Elvis Velea
I get a lot of audio cutoffs and then it crashes and refreshes

Oliver Payne
hi Elvis, can you send a message to opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net with information about your browser, OS, internet connection and we'll try to help you

Marco d'Itri
Works for me today

Elvis Velea
I had the same issues yesterday

Oliver Payne
we can't provide technical support here easily :)

Elvis Velea
and after the restart, I joined quickly, so I was one of the first ones... worked perfectly the rest of the day

Sergey Myasoedov_852
I'm on Safari on latest MacOS, works fine

Elvis Velea
I have 2 people from meetecho support on chat now...
one says "from the logs I see that your websocket with the server is being terminated. I suspect some network hiccup on your side, may it be possible?
the other
I'm very sorry Elvis... we are monitoring the server and everything is working fine
so, it

Gert Döring
from my pov, I had issues with stability yesterday, but today it is looking all good

Will van Gulik
same here

Sascha Lenz
was OK for me after the restart yesterday, no issues so far today here (MacOS+Chrome if that matters in any way)

Oliver Payne
Elvis it sounds like your issues are unrelated to the technical issues from yesterday, and as you seem to be the only one suffering I suggest you help us debug the problem for you off-list to keep this chat clean

Elvis Velea

Peter Koch
today i'm on an old Mac, old FF - and no problems at all == big improvement

A.J. Wolski
Oliver, I have today every now and then "media error", that wasn't the case yesterday

Elvis Velea
AJ, that's one of the errors I get
Media Error Occurred, Retrying...
or "reconnecting something went wrong :("

Oliver Payne
ok! please send any sort of screenshots and information to help us debug to opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net, we've got a team there ready to help

A.J. Wolski
will do

Elvis Velea
I'll try to make a screenshot... it has been stable in the past 6 minutes :)

James Kennedy
Thanks Nikolas, interesting presentation

Peter Koch
... and very relevant to the DB TF work

James Kennedy
@Peter absolutely

Erik Bais
Sorry we had to cut it short.. the presentation is in the agenda.

Hervé Clement
always a challenge to estimate the needed time for this working group... I understand the difficulties as there are no proposals at the moment

Osamah Barakat_396
would you please slow a little bit down .. you speak too fast

Ave Ozkal
Hello everyone

Marita Phelan
@osamah Maybe the steno would help you follow?

Daniel Karrenberg
@osamah: ciaran is just trying to make up for lost time. As Marita says, you can read the transcription at your leisure.

Ramses Rodenburg

Daniel Karrenberg
this is the last nail in the coffin of our fiction that IP addresses have no value. It held up more than 10 years more than i expected. Most importantly it held up long enough for the IPv4 run-out.

Gert Döring
daniel: shall we read that comment out?

Daniel Karrenberg
nope. just chattering

Gert Döring

Daniel Karrenberg
"murmur in the audience"

Aaron Hughes
Thank you all

Alastair Strachan
This session has now ended. The next session is DNS and it will start at 1100. More info on the RIPE 81 meeting plan: /programme/meeting-plan/