Alastair Strachan
Hi everyone, I'm Alastair Strachan from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Kurt Kayser
@Nathalie: nope didn't know that..
@Job Nice hair style!

Melchior Aelmans
@Nathalie, great quiz question!

Ave Ozkal
Ooh, I really like job's hair today

Aaron Hughes
Can that get moved to the mail screen?

Michael Daly
@job - can get that up as the main window?

Ian Dickinson
yes - too small

Michal Wodzinski

Leo Vegoda
If you click on gallery view it becomes full screen

Sergey Myasoedov
Press 'expand'

Sasha Romijn
Yes, you can click the expand button

Ian Dickinson
if i do that, it hangs the video

Sergey Myasoedov

Gert Döring
works here

Sasha Romijn
Meetecho is not optimal for prerecorded sessions :/

Job Snijders
double clicking the small screen seems to help. apologies, we thought that prerecording would actually improve reliability of for content delivery

Gert Döring
it works, it just came as somewhat of a surprise

Kurt Kayser
@Sasha: somehow a kind of cheat in a live session, right?

Dmitry Serbulov
why not shared screen?

Jerry Lundström
can't you just disable the main screen? so its the only screen showing

Shane Kerr
Meetecho also hides the chat window if the video is expanded. Not perfect, but...

Ian Dickinson
the video stuff in meetecho has been brittle all week for me

Christian Bretterhofer
click on galerry view

Sasha Romijn
You can also click "gallery view" in the top - that seems to show chat and a large view of the recording

Wolfgang Tremmel
you can detach the chat window

Ian Dickinson
now need to restart to get a little but functional video
gallery view flipping also hangs

Shane Kerr
Ahso. Chat detached, thanks Wolfgang!

Sasha Romijn
The challenges of running a two-person presentation during lockdown on a platform I've never used before :)

Thomas Schäfer
Galleryview is the simplest solution

Tom Hill_518
Meetecho is still being a pain on the 'you're already logged in' dance, every session. No I am not logged in multiple times, Meetecho :|
My solution of closing 'other tabs' seems to have been a fluke

Alessandro Amirante
Tom Hill: the message you got is about your chat nickname being already in use I guess? If so, you shouldn't get it anymore. And anyway that shouldn't prevent you to join successfully

Tom Hill_518
Nope, that's not what I'm referring to

Alessandro Amirante
I'll PM you then

Tom Hill_518
It boots you out completely shortly after joining, sometimes as you're confirming your audio settings

Marco d'Itri
Except for having to switch from Firefox to Chrome, which sucks big time, meetecho has been totally stable for me after they added more servers the first day

Shane Kerr
Meetecho works using Firefox for me.

Ruben van Staveren
same here, though I switched to chrome for spacialchat

Shane Kerr
But I totally believe that is not true for everyone!

Marco d'Itri
I will try again for the next session, but I used to consistently get the "slow javascript" banner

Tom Hill
It works fine after I persevere (in Edge Chromium), there's just something weird that is erroneously causing the "no two people may share the same joining URL" protection. to kick me off
I keep joining, eventually it works fine... Perfectly, even
I wonder if it's the 'safelinks' crap that O365 have enabled on my corp email...

Shane Kerr
Oh, I did have to disable uBlock Origin for Firefox to work onMeetecho.

Marco d'Itri
Shane: no problems for me, looks like it is caused by a specific list

Blake Willis
this is great, thanks folks

Tom Hill
Alessandro - can you PM again? :)

Blake Willis
nice hair job

Sebastian Becker

Dmitry Serbulov
somthing this stenography?

Robert Scheck
What does "BSI" expand to?

Erik Bais
Britisch Standards Institute

Cynthia Revström
British Standards Institute
ah you beat me :p

Erik Bais

Robert Scheck
Pewh, at least not the German Federal Office for Information Security (which is also abbreviated with "BSI" in Germany).

Olaf Baumert
ha! exactly my thought Robert

Cynthia Revström

Florian Streibelt
they could ask the german BSI to do the actzual audit for full confusion in the final documents

Robert Scheck
No, please not.

Erik Bais

Robert Scheck
I would like to see a non-weakend RPKI ;-)

Kurt Kayser
@Florian: yes, please - that would be fun. Acronym battle

Cynthia Revström
the WHOIS RFCs are amazing, they basically say "probably us-ascii, bye"

Sasha Romijn
I'm not sure whether there are any IRRs out there that follow all the relevant RFCs. And they all violate them in slightly different ways.

Blake Willis
wow, great job folks

Kurt Kayser
@Sasha: so are RIPE-xxx documents "better" in terms of quality and relevance than RFCs for operators?

Robert Scheck
Do I get it right? RPKI Repository in AWS-only rather multi-vendor-cloud?

Blake Willis
"hybrid cloud"

Kurt Kayser
3 Questions in the queue..

Cynthia Revström
the ETSI stuff for WebPKI is quite ummm yeah, I belive Buypass (webpki CA mainly) had some issues when they started automated issuing let's encrypt style

Marco d'Itri
Cynthia: yes, I think that everybody agrees that WebTrust is MUCH better than the ETSI standard

Kurt Kayser
@Robert: +!

Blake Willis
cloud provider headquartered in the NCC services region would be nice...

Remco van Mook
blake - we can all dream :)

Robert Scheck
+1, Blake
Remco, isn't there e.g. Deutsche Telekom with a cloud? :)

Remco van Mook
I might have even stronger opinions about a DT cloud than about AWS cloud :)

Daniel Karrenberg
@blake: Presonally I agree 100%. We should really really try hard to avoid the big out-of-region ones.

Erik Bais

Simon Leinen
Personally I would never trust a former phone company as a cloud provider (sorry Rüdiger :-)
OVH would be a reasonable option

Ramses Rodenburg

Alastair Strachan
This session has now ended. The next session is IPv6 and it will start at 1300. More info on the RIPE 81 meeting plan: /programme/meeting-plan/