Ondrej Caletka
Hi everyone, I'm Ondřej Caletka from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Jan Zorz
yay, we are on! :)

Melchior Aelmans_829
whoop! :)

Christian Bretterhofer
just progress

Alvaro Vives
A poll would help

Blake Willis
yes 554 very useful thanks

Christian Bretterhofer
more for enterprises is needed

Alvaro Vives
updating 554 looks like a very good idea

Jan Zorz

Christian Bretterhofer

Jan Zorz
Michael: noted, thnx.

Blake Willis
perhaps more suited for IoT WG

Kurt Kayser
@Christian: this place not the best to place an ad..

Jan Zorz

Christian Bretterhofer
just found

Jerry Lundström
Can non-speakers please mute themselves

Michael Richardson
World least easily pronounced IPv6 Router :-)

Brian Nisbet
VIIRB is the word. Everyone is talking about the VIIRB...

Ian Dickinson
look like a nice stealthy insert device

Michael Richardson
only one physical interface, only one radio.

Kurt Kayser
does it include an NSA-API?

Ondrej Caletka
@Kurt if you want this question to be answered, please write it into the questions tab or enqueue into the mic queue at the end

Florian Streibelt
not sure if I like ssh being exposed by default, too many people use weak passwords on their local machines 'on the lan'

Kurt Kayser
@Ondrej: not really..

Ondrej Caletka
Oh sorry, I misread it as NAT-API and thought it is an actual protocol :)

Michael Richardson
Yes, wireguard has all the feature set of FreeSWAN.

Kurt Kayser
Product-Placement. great. 72€ including shipping.

Jan Zorz
this is similar to what gogo6 tried to do many moons ago :)

Michael Richardson
@Jan all good ideas need to be repeated a few times.

Jan Zorz
and at the right time, apparently

Ondrej Caletka
@Jan I still like your public NAT64 a lot :)

Jan Zorz
thnx... apparently my asr1000 device had some problems lately
will have to go to go6lab and check

Ian Dickinson
part of me thinks this is great, and part of me is sad that we're going back to non-native tunnels :-(

Gert Döring
I see the 4G router and want to have it... to do native 4G with IPv6 (as my LTE provider has that) :-)

Jan Zorz
you probably can...

Kurt Kayser
will then Geo-IP always tell that the WIIRB-users are in CH?

Eric van Uden
Hi Gert, I think we have that ;-)

Jan Zorz
I presume that if IPv6 PD is detected - it skips the tunnel creation

Gert Döring
Jan: haven't found a low-budget 4G router that does IPv6 yet

Robert Kisteleki
if so, is that a bug or a feature? :)

Peter van Dijk
the ungleich IPv6VPN is 115 EUR/year; the VIIRB, which includes one year free, is around 60-70 with shipping :D

Gert Döring
Teltonika is promising this since ages, and not delivering

Blake Willis
this is great thanks

Ondrej Caletka
Just like with SixXS, ISP can use VIIRB as an excuse for their lazyness in implementing native IPv6.

Kledi Andoni
👏 👏

Jan Walzer
nico: you should put a software-Atlas probe also on the device

Alvaro Vives
Ondrej, I was looking for the URL:

Kurt Kayser

Marco d'Itri
This will also totally transparently break Netflix

Daniel Karrenberg_251
><><><><>< for Nico

Kurt Kayser
@Marco: :-)

Marco d'Itri
Kurt: it will, this is not a joke

Kurt Kayser
I know.. this is sas.

Peter van Dijk
years ago my v6 tunnel transparently unbroke Netflix for me, during a peering dispute between my v4 provider and Netflix
took me a while to figure out why I did not have trouble

Jørgen Hovland
Hm? No ipv6 and 4g? My home 4g-router was free and it supports ipv6 natively (huawei)

Marco d'Itri
Peter: then Disney (?) started to complain and they improved detection of "VPNs"

Blake Willis
cloud VIIRB

Gert Döring
jorgen: "free" sounds like a price point i like
which router model is that, and what does it cost normally?

Blake Willis
for legacy IPv4 clouds :-)

Seyed Roohollah Marashi_227

Blake Willis

Ramses Rodenburg

Michael Richardson
It's not the real Fernando, it's the backup Fernando. Always keep a spare Fernando!

Peter van Dijk
Marco, I believe that - similarly, my v6 (which was as Dutch as my v4) allowed me to use for years, but I think that was fixed too

Tom Hill
Great, now I'm singing Abba in my head.

Jørgen Hovland
Gert: It was the one that came with my Telia subscription (in my country). Its a couple of years old now so it is probably obsolete for a newer router

Ondrej Caletka
Just a reminder, if asking questinons make sure to state NAME and AFFILIATION. Also it is good not to write questions at the last moment.

Michael Richardson
What is a "Party"?

Daniel Karrenberg_251
happy birthday jen!

Elvis Velea
happy birthday!!!

Jan Zorz
HB Jen!

Elvis Velea
and open the mic!

Ondrej Caletka
This session has now ended. The next session is IoT and it will start at 14:00. More info on the RIPE 81 meeting plan: /programme/meeting-plan/