Alvaro Vives
Hi everyone, I'm Alvaro Vives from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window stating your name and affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.

Taras Heichenko
Thank you, Lenka!

Ave Ozkal

Shane Kerr
Nice Tux. :-D

Robert Scheck
Ha, my favorite working group! ;-)

Kurt Kayser
the "best" WG ??

Rob Evans
(*) second

David Schweizer
Shameless advertisement:

Ondrej Filip
Kurt, what is you favourite?

Aidan Robertson
FTTH ISPs here. You guys doing static or dynamic assignments?

Alex Le Heux

Aidan Robertson
We are thinking about doing like, static assignments for both IPv4 and IPv6
but DHCP assigned.

Alex Le Heux
dynamic is semi-static anyway

Blake Willis
other shameless plug:

James Blessing
Static makes sense as you then don't need a pool and you really don't expect them to disconnect

Aidan Robertson
Alex - CGNAT?

Alex Le Heux
all through DHCP
no NAT

Aidan Robertson
That's good
Static IPs for how much?

Alexander Lyamin
Oufff... shameless advertisement for a friend:

Alex Le Heux
good question :P

Aidan Robertson
We are trying to decide on pricing over here?

Alexander Lyamin

Marco d'Itri
More advertisement: FORT validator on Debian 10. rpki-client + gortr on Debian 10

Kurt Kayser
@Ondrej: I like all. There no "best". But one special-secret-WG :-)

Ave Ozkal
Not a FTTH ISP rep, but a FTTH ISP user. Mine does both. Dynamic with CGNAT unless the user pays extra for static without CGNAT. (No IPv6)

Alex Le Heux
$19/mo it seems

Aidan Robertson
Not bad - Alexa

Ondrej Filip
Kurt: :-)

Aidan Robertson
Just enough to price out your average Joe that doesn't need it, but not outrageous

Alexander Lyamin
Tssssss... lets discuss topic of presentation ;)

Aidan Robertson
That's disappointing - Ave Ozkal
They should deploy IPv6
Lyamin - hah

Alex Le Heux
we're starting to roll out IPv6 now

Aidan Robertson
Nice :)

Ave Ozkal
Aidan: Quite literally no one in the country gives IPv6 to anyone but businesses saadly

Aidan Robertson
Ave: you in the US?

Ave Ozkal
No, Turkey

Aidan Robertson

Ave Ozkal
I know that several US ISPs are rolling out IPv6

Aidan Robertson
A ton of the most hated residential players do IPv6 here
Like my ISP that rates the most hated and evil in the nation, Comcast, deployed it in 2010

Kurt Kayser
Again feedback to tech-staff @RIPE-NCC: the video-recordings are very instantenous available on the Schedule page! Great work!

Aidan Robertson
Nice job ^

Ave Ozkal
I knew that they had it, but 2010 is quite early, wow.

Keith Mitchell
I have v6 on both my Spectrum and AT&T connections. Documented by these ISPs, not so much

Aidan Robertson
I mean I still hate them
But at least they did one thing good
Keith - well Spectrum is a bit of a mess because of the TWC/BHN/Charter merger
Different regions have totally different configuration

Keith Mitchell
you forgot the Brighthouse ass-end of that I fninshed up on..

Leo Vegoda
Spectrum is OK as long as you never need to speak with anyone

Keith Mitchell
no you didn't..

Mike Hughes
Christmas? I thought it was still March.

Aidan Robertson
I have nothing good to say about my ISP
My speeds slowed down to 0.66 Mbps once and I had to complain to the FCC

Vesna Manojlovic
Hi OpenSource-WG, I'd like to invite you to RIPE NCC's Deployathon - installing RIPE Atlas software probes together! on 25th November... more details: on RIPE Labs:…e-atlas-software-probes-deployathon

Ondrej Filip
Vesna, do you want to make announcement at the end?

Vesna Manojlovic
Ondrej, yes, that would be nice, if there's time! Thanks!

Ondrej Filip
I will try to acomodate it.

Blake Willis
it occurs to me that the NCC validator is an interesting example of a "good pain point". It does the job, but it's not ideal, so people start building new things to improve upon it...

Peter van Dijk
Ondrej, there's a question from Dmitry Serbulov in the Q&A - he's been trying to hijack WG sessions to complain about the General Meeting

Shane Kerr
Blake CVS was like that for more than 10 years though, so just having barely functional software doesn't necessarily mean we get a better version soon. ;-)

Ondrej Filip
Peter: We see it. This is not appropriate. We will ignore it.

Blake Willis
this is true, but I'd like to think that the foundations to build new useful things are far more accessible now

Ian Dickinson
but in this case, there are now multiple other validators
the sunset seems reasonable

Shane Kerr
Oh I totally agree with the sunset! Just pointing out that "not perfect but mostly works" does not always move things forward quickly.
I keep working for companies that use Jira, for example....

Kurt Kayser
IMHO this is the biggest step in securing the Internet Routing (Table/DB) over the last 20 years!

Peter van Dijk
Shane, Atlassian is trying to help you with that now, by 'simplifying their offerings' :D

Vladimir Chukov
sorry, came a bit late to this presentation. Has it been asked already about your experience with FRR/cRPD?

Alvaro Vives
Vladimir, I don;t think so. Can you make the question in Q&A?

Kurt Kayser
good question. I support this effort to boost discussions

Harry Cross
Is it worth specifying a section of the WG meeting for "bring and share" topics that don't require a full presentation?

Blake Willis
that's a BoF :-)

Peter van Dijk
Ondrej, this is the GM troll

Ondrej Filip
I see.

Harry Cross
I don't want to go into SpatialChat or elsewhere for various reasons, I think its better for someone to be able to bring their point to the WG where everyone is already

Alexander Zubkov
Vladimir, I have some experience of FRR, but bird as I know bird is much more powerful in the sense of abilities to configure filters, etc.

Jahongir Jabborov

Alexander Zubkov
I'll be in the Speakers room in Spatial chat after the session, we can chat about it there.

Blake Willis
agree with you there Harry :)

Nathalie Trenaman
in case you have any questions about the RIPE NCC Validator, you can reach me on nathalie [at] ripe [dot] net

Ramses Rodenburg

Eric van Uden
We go to swim? (The sound ;-) )

Jahongir Jabborov

Marijke Kaat
Heavily raining in Amsterdam :-)

Alvaro Vives
This session has now ended. The next session is Database and it will start at 16:00 CET. More info on the RIPE 81 meeting plan: /programme/meeting-plan/