Event Bag

Here’s a little something for you! This event bag contains giveaways, discount vouchers and more.

Official RIPE 81 Merchandise

We’re going DIY for RIPE 81!

Would you like to make yourself a RIPE 81 t-shirt and/or a cool face mask? Download the design, and get it printed.

Please note that the RIPE NCC will not bear any t-shirt related costs including the cost of t-shirts, printing or shipping.

Spooky RIPE 81 T-Shirt

RIPE 81 T-shirt Design
T-Shirt File
(EPS) | (PNG)

Face Mask Bonanza

RIPE NCC Giveaways

The Big Spender

Ever wondered what you could do with 1 million RIPE Atlas credits? Claim your RIPE Atlas credits and find out what it feels like to roll like a big spender!

The Show-off

And if you missed our last RIPE NCC Certified Professionals giveaway, you have another chance. Claim an exam voucher and you could be showing off a shiny new badge!

IPv6 Fundamentals Analyst

Claim a RIPE NCC Certified Professionals exam voucher

Claim your voucher

RIPE Atlas

Get 1,000,000 RIPE Atlas credits.
(Yes, that’s one million!)

Valid for redemption: Oct 27- 30 Nov

Redeem your credits

Here’s what you can do with 1M credits