RIPE 81 will take place as a virtual meeting from 27-30 October 2020. The meeting is open to all and free. Please make sure you’ve read the “RIPE Meeting Virtual Terms & Conditions“.

Registration for RIPE 81 is now closed.


Important: The name that you use to register is the one that will appear on the conference platform used for RIPE 81.

Once you’ve registered for the meeting, you will receive a confirmation email containing your meeting registration number and the unique URL to your registration page.

Your registration page allows you to:

  • Manage Social Options: Enable/disable your social options which allow you to network with fellow attendees by sharing your contact details on the attendee list
  • Participate in the RIPE Mentoring Programme: Be a mentor/mentee. Read about the RIPE Mentoring Programme here.
  • Self check in: Mark yourself as present by clicking on the ‘Check In’ button. You can find the check in button on your registration page once the meeting starts. This allows other attendees to know that you are participating in RIPE 81. Checked-in attendees will have a green check mark next to their names on the attendee list. To remove your checked-in status, email meeting [at] ripe [dot] net.

Meetecho: The RIPE 81 Conference Platform

RIPE 81 will take place using Meetecho as its conference platform. You do not need to install a client as it can be used directly in any desktop web browser.

In the week before RIPE 81, you will receive an email with the unique link that you can use to access the event in Meetecho. You can attend all sessions and participate using this link. Please remember that you have to register first to be able to join the RIPE 81 Meeting.

Your Feedback

RIPE 80 was our first completely virtual meeting, and we received a lot of feedback from our attendees. Thanks to your input, we’ve implemented the following changes:

  • Attendees want to know who was present at the meeting, and not just who had registered. This is unclear using the attendee list. This is why we developed a self check in system that allows registered attendees to mark themselves as checked in. Checked in attendees will have a green check mark next to their names on the attendee list.
  • Attendees want to have one inclusive platform, and not be split into groups based on which livestream platform they were using
  • Participants want to ask questions or discuss things directly

We looked into online conference platform options. After an extensive investigation, we decided to use Meetecho, as it includes all the features we need. It also does not require the installation of a client. Further, Meetecho allows for group and individual text chat, running polls, and Q&A with audio and in writing. It also allows us to integrate stenography alongside the livestream.


In addition to Meetecho, you will be able to watch the presentations live on the RIPE 81 website. Please note that this time we won’t provide a separate IRC channel. If you want to participate in the discussion, you will have to register for the meeting and join Meetecho.