Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Raymond JettenIPv6Welcome / Agenda Bashing [5 min]2020-10-19
Michael J. Oghia"You've Got the Power" BoFYou’ve Got the Power: Sustainable ICT Procurement and RIPE2020-10-20
Giovane MouraPlenaryClouding Up the Internet: How Centralized is DNS Traffic Becoming?2020-10-21
David Hausheer"The Role of RIRs and LIRs in SCION" BoFThe Role of RIRs and LIRs in SCION2020-10-22
Leo VegodaRIPE Community PlenaryReport from Code of Conduct Task Force2020-10-24
Oliver GasserOpening PlenaryThe Lockdown Effect: Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Internet Traffic2020-10-25
Geoff HustonDNSC. Measuring Query Name Minimization, Geoff Huston2020-10-25
Geoff HustonPlenaryMeasuring RPKI2020-10-26
Jen LinkovaPlenaryThe Day I Broke All the Treadmills2020-10-26
Stavros Konstantaras"The Role of RIRs and LIRs in SCION" BoFThe Role of IXPs in SCION internet2020-10-26
Adrian Perrig"The Role of RIRs and LIRs in SCION" BoFSCION Overview2020-10-26
Simon Leinen"The Role of RIRs and LIRs in SCION" BoFSCION @SWITCH2020-10-26
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update + Ten Years of RIPE Atlas!2020-10-26
Robert KistelekiPlenary10 Years of RIPE Atlas2020-10-26
Nathalie TrenamanRouting3. The RPKI Resiliency Project2020-10-26
Alun DaviesPlenaryRIPE Labs is Changing2020-10-26
Boris MimeurPlenaryMANRS Research Group Initiatives2020-10-26
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 1012020-10-27
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 812020-10-27
Franziska LichtblauOpening PlenaryFranziska Lichtblau, RIPE Programme Committee Chair2020-10-27
Massimo CandelaPlenaryFinding and Using Geofeed Data2020-10-27
Herve ClementRIPE Community PlenaryReport from the ASO AC2020-10-27
Susan ForneyOpening PlenaryRPKI Adoption in IPv62020-10-27
Ciaran ByrneAddress PolicyD. The Seizure of the “Right to Registration of IPv4 Addresses”2020-10-27
Nico SchotteliusPlenaryHigh Speed NAT64 with P42020-10-27
Petrit HasaniAddress PolicyB. Current Policy Topics2020-10-27
Alexander ZubkovOpen SourceThe Birdist Cookbook2020-10-27
Andrew CamplingDNSD. Developments in Encrypted DNS2020-10-27
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyWG steering slides2020-10-28
Nikolas PediaditisAddress PolicyFeedback from the RIPE NCC Registry Services2020-10-28
Anand BuddhdevDNSB. RIPE NCC Update2020-10-28
Luca CicchelliConnect4. Telecom Italia Re-peering (Top-IX, MIX, NAMEX)2020-10-28
Remco van MookConnectAgenda2020-10-28
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseA. Administrative Matters2020-10-28
Andrei RobachevskyCooperationThe ISOC Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit2020-10-28
Fergal CunninghamRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Language Support2020-10-28
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesOperational Update2020-10-28
Barry O'DonovanConnect3. IXP Manager - An Open Source Success Story for Better Internet Connectivity2020-10-28
Bijal SanghaniConnect4. COVID-19 IXP Update2020-10-28
Maxim BurtikovCooperationSovereignty as a Regulatory Trend in Russia2020-10-28
Alex UlmerMAT3. ProBGP: Geographical Approximation of BGP Update Paths2020-10-28
Marco HogewoningIoTRIPE NCC IoT Update: Public Policy Developments2020-10-28
Bijal SanghaniConnect4. COVID-19 IXP Update2020-10-28
Nina Bargisen & Brian TrammelMATChair Presentation2020-10-28
Raffaele ZulloMAT2. UDP Options: Overcoming the Sorrows of the Young Extension2020-10-28
Hans Petter HolenRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Update2020-10-28
Andra LutuMAT1. Where Things Roam: Uncovering Cellular IoT/M2M Connectivity2020-10-28
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Agenda2020-10-28
Sergey MyasoedovRIPE NCC ServicesRIPE NCC Executive Board Elections Task Force Report2020-10-28
Tim ChownIPv6RIPE554-bis [5 min]2020-10-28
Job Snijders & Sasha RomijnRoutingIRRd now turned up to 112020-10-28
Open Source WG ChairsOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2020-10-29
DenisDatabaseC. NWI - Open Proposals2020-10-29
Peter SteinhäuserIoTArchitectural Considerations for IoT Device Security in the Home2020-10-29
Sander BuskensDatabaseD. Cloud Migration2020-10-29
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community PlenaryRIPE WG Chairs Collective Document2020-10-29
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update RIPE Database2020-10-29
Daniel KarrenbergRIPE Community PlenaryReport from the RIPE NomCom2020-10-29
Open Source WG ChairsOpen SourceD. Open Source WG and Virtual Meetings2020-10-29
Fernando GontIPv6Recent Improvements in IPv6 Addressing2020-10-29
Nico SchotteliusIPv6Bringing IPv6 Everywhere2020-10-29
Constanze DietrichIoTIntroduction2020-10-29
Nathalie TrenamanOpen SourceB. The Life Cycle of the RIPE NCC RPKI Validator2020-10-29
Ignas BagdonasRouting1. Welcome, Agenda, Other Formalities2020-10-29
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community PlenaryRIPE Chair Activities and Roadmap2020-10-29
James KennedyRIPE Community PlenaryReport from RIPE DB Requirements Task Force2020-10-29
Oliver PayneClosing PlenaryRIPE 81 Technical Report2020-10-30
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2020-10-30